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Welcome to the WEMT 39 Supercast

WEMT: As it breaks away from FOX’s Shadow

WEMT is the co-franchise holder of FOX Television in the regions of North-eastern Tennessee and south-western Virginia, which is a license holder of Greenville, Tennessee. The owners of the station are Esteem Broadcasting and it is run by the Bonten Media Group.

The channel broadcasts the highly popular American Idol show in the region, which is a prime time attraction for the fans of the show. All the glitz, glamour, star quotient of the show appeals a lot to the people of the region.

The channel also broadcasts the award winning situation comedy series Arrested Development, starring Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Tony Hale and many of the small screen’s biggest stars. It can be said that one of the major reasons for the success of the network in the region. So successful is the show, that the network slotted it direct to the prime time schedule in the current year.

The channel aired the FOX Special show on March 4th, Assembling "Robots": The Magic, The Music and The Comedy. This was one of the landmark shows in the history of the channel as it featured behind-the –scenes material from FOX’s movie Robots, which is almost near its completion. The show was viewed by fans numbering in the region of a few millions and handed the channel one of its top most TRP ratings of all time.

 Another popular feature of the network is the 10 o’ clock news, anchored by the charming Rebecca Pepin. WEMT’s news programs are on high definition starting June, 2010, thereby increasing the quality of broadcast. The station also modified many of its infrastructural aspects along with the addition of personnel, adding to the class of the channel, making it a major competitor in the national level instead of being typecast as just another small town television station. 

The Votes are in America and 8 out the 24 have been ousted! David Brown, Aloha Mischeaux, Joseph Murena,and Celena Rae are the second set of four Idols voted out of the competition.

What will the next week of American Idol have to offer and who's the next four to be eliminated from the pool? Tune into Fox 39 Monday at 8pm when the boys begin their third round of singing. Then follow the girls to the next round Tuesday at 8pm with the voting and the elimination round on Wednesday at 9pm.

What to Watch on Fox 39!

Watch the Fox Special: Assembling "Robots": The Magic, The Music and The Comedy, March 4th at 8pm on Fox 39! This special features lots of behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming 20th Century Fox Film "Robots".
Look for two new Episodes of the Award Winning Arrested Development! All brand new back-to-back episodes are on Fox 39, Sunday, March 6 from 8:30 - 9:30pm!